Arab professionals provide audit, tax and management consultancy services to over 200 clients including 35 listed Companies.We recognize that each industry has its own set of challenges and opportunities. We have long-standing expertise in a number of industries which include manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, retail, construction, pharmaceuticals and real estate.Following is just a sample of our client categorized by Industry: 


·        National Chlorine, PLC

·        National Aluminum, PLC

·        Al Quds Ready Mix, PLC

·        Jordan Rock Wool Industries, PLC

·        The Arab Pesticides & Veterinary Drugs Manufacturing, PLC

·        United Cable Industries, PLC

·        Gulf Cables

·        Universal Iron and Steel Industrial

·        Jordan Iron and Steel Industry

·        Century Standard Textile

·        Jordanian Holland Blind Manufacturing


·        Tuhama Investments, PLC

·        Century Investment Group, PLC

·        Arab East for Investment and Development, PLC

·        Saba’ek Invest, PLC

·        Arab East Investment, PLC

·        Jordanian Expatriates Investment Holding, PLC

·        Al-Amin Investments, PLC

·        Noor Jordan Kuwait Financial  Investment

Real Estate Development

·        Real Estate & Investment Portfolio, PLC

·        Arab East investment for Real Estate , PLC

·        Sura Development and investment, PLC

·        Al Maha Real Estate Development

·        The Land Real Estate Development

·        Jordan Gate

·        Royal Villages


·        Philadelphia University, PLC

·        Petra University, PLC

·        Royal Jordanian Academy, PLC

·        Amman Academy School

·        The Intermediate University College

·        Arab Model Schools

·        Modern Schools

·        Al-Raed Al Arabi Schools

Health Care

·        Istiklal Hospital, PLC

·        Al Istishari Hospital, PLC

·        Shumeisani Hospital

·        Irbid Specialty Hospital

·        Al Khalidi Medical Center (Internal Audit)


·        Middle East Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries, PLC

·        Arab Center for Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, PLC

·        Jordanian Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing, PLC

·        Pharma International

·        Dar Al Dawa Veterinary and Agricultural Industrial

·        The Jordan Drugstore Company


·        Jordan Post, PLC

·        International Cards (Master Card), PLC

·        Arabtech Jardaneh Engineers & Consultants

·        Abercrombie and Kent

·        Computer & Communications Systems (CCS)

·        Arab Wings Company

·        Arab Food Catering



·        International Brokerage & Financials Markets, PLC

·        First Investments

·        Indemaj for Financial Services

·        Jordan Trans for Financial Services

·        Jordanian Trans for Financial Services


Car Dealers

·        Mazda

·        Peugeot

·        Kia Motors



·        Jordan Mortgage Refinancing, PLC

·        Jordan Loan Guarantee, PLC


Hospitality & Entertainment

·        Bristol Hotel

·        Sun Days Resorts (Dead Sea)



·        Unified Transport and Logistics, PLC

·        Noor Jordan Kuwait Transport



·        American Department Stores ( C Town)



·        Travertine & Granite, PLC



·        Jerusalem Insurance, PLC



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